Laboratory activities allow you to have, in a short time and with affordable costs, all the necessary technological characterizations to both obtain and maintain the CE marking, and to certificate the main characterization parameters required by the contract specifications.

Analysis laboratory of bituminous conglomerates

  • Binder content determination;
  • Marshall Stability test
  • Direct tensile test
  • Dynamic stiffness modulus tests for indirect tensile (BS DD 213, UNI EN 12697: 26/04)
  • Axial tests for complex modulus calculation (CNR BU 106/85)
  • Resilience modulus calculation tests (ASTM 4123/82)
  • Fatigue tests in indirect tensile configurations on cylindrical samples (BS DD-ABF, UNI EN 12697: 24.04, A.A.S.H.T.O. TP 31/94)
  • Fatigue tests of a four supports bending configurations on trapezoidal samples (UNI EN 12697: 24-26 / 04, AASHTO T8 / 94-321)
  • Dynamic creep test (UNI EN 12695:25/05, BS-DD 226)
  • Static creep test (CNR BU 106/85)


Laboratory analysis on aggregates

  • Granulometry
  • Resistance to fragmentation test (Los Angeles)
  • Petrography  
  • Polished stone value determination (P. S. V.)
  • Permeability test
  • Fine aggregate angularity determination
  • Shape and flattening coefficient
  • Wear resistance test (Micro – Deval)
  • Surface abrasion resistance test
  • Studded tires resistance test
  • Density and absorption
  • Frost and the magnesium sulfate resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Sonnenbrand Basalt
  • Chemical tests

Laboratory analysis on bitumen

  • Softening point determination
  • Penetration test
  • Fraas breaking point test
  • Dopes adhesiveness agents determination
  • Additives type for modified bitumen determination