Chemical analysis of historic mortars is useful for reconstructing the composition of the original mortar for the recovery and restoration of buildings of great historical and architectural interest.

Analysis consists in the determination of CaO, MgO, Si, SO4, insoluble residue. By processing the parameters with analytical formulations, you get the type of binder, the aggregate nature, the colouring pigment.


principio di funzionamento

EDS analysis: Ca, O, (Si, Fe, Al, Mg, Ti, S).

EDS analysis (Energy Spectral Density) are semi-quantitative determinations, listed in order of decreasing abundance with the following notations: bold underlined > 60%, bold: 10-30%, in brackets: 1-10%.


Chemical analysis of concrete

Concrete deterioration is mostly caused by high content of sulphates and chlorides, presence of amorphous silica. Air pollution, acid rain and condensation water on the surfaces are factors that accelerate the degradation process with the formation of volume increase and detachment of material.