Evidence list

Standard description;  breaking compression test for samples exceeding a series of two; breaking compression test of two samples with weight determination UNI 6132-72;  flattening of the samples with two faces mechanical grinding UNI 6132-72; samples flattering using a cover UNI 6132-72; unit volume weighing UNI 6394 / 1-83; deformation diagram; preparation of dough in laboratory UNI 6127-80; laboratory packing of 2 samples for testing compression and disarmament to 24h UNI 6127 -80; concrete slump test measuring for the determination of the consistency of the concrete UNI 9418-89;  quick steam curing in series UNI 6127-80; indirect tensile test (Brazilian) UNI 6135-72; direct tension test with sample preparation UNI 6135-72; index of lift determination CBR CNR UNI 10009/64; flexural rupture test on beams UNI 6133-72; elastic modulus determination excluding preparation and related experiences, by ageing and sample UNI 6556-76; Compression breaking of cylinder or concrete cores, including weight determination UNI 6133-72; cores preparation for the compression test UNI 6133-72; compression test of hollow blocks of cement conglomerate, excluding sample preparation; sample preparation for testing compression of hollow blocks of concrete conglomerate with covering compression test on hollow blocks in concrete conglomerate; preparation for the block compression test by mechanical flattening.