We have a modern laboratory where we can perform geotechnical analyses on soil and rock samples.

Basic geotechnical laboratory

  • Macro and micro petrographic test
  • Casagrande shear box test
  • Oedometric compression cells and automated data capture
  • Oedometers suitable for permeability tests
  • Equipment for: undisturbed samples extraction; preparation of natural and reconstituted samples, including their saturation
  • Determination equipment of: particle composition, index properties, content of calcium carbonate and organic substances
  • Triaxial shear test with independent load application systems, and confining pressure and hydraulic counter-pressure application systems.
  • Triaxial cells equipped for permeability tests
  • Vibrating table (frequency 50 Hz, displacement amplitude A = 0:56 mm) equipped with a hollow punch (D = 40.15 cm, H = 50.0 cm)
  • Mobile concrete mixer (capacity 0.5 m3)
  • Large oven (T = 105 ° C)
  • Oleo dynamic press machine with piston advancement and applied load speed control, (measured with a load cell of 2000 kN)
  • 300 kN oleo dynamic press machine driven by a constant flow rate axial pump regulated by high precision servo valve.
  • Systems of axial and volumetric displacement, interstitial pressure and loads.

Rock mechanics laboratory


  • Triaxial cells characterized by different values of the maximum cell pressure (from 10 to 70 MPa) and able to operate on a diameter samples between 5 and 10 cm and height between 10 and 20 cm.
  • Different systems of pressure generation and control (up to 70 MPa)
  • Maximum load application presses (loads between 100 and 500 kN)
  • Large direct cut equipment 150 × 150 × 75 mm, with the possibility of applying axial loads up to 300 kN
  • Analog and digital measurement systems of: displacements, interstitial pressures, volume changes, loads, temperature, etc.
  • Regulating temperature and environmental humidity system.