Inclinometer tests consist of the periodic measurement of inclinometer tube inclination (placed underground with regard to the vertical reference, at various quotas) to determinate soil movements: landslides and embankments stability, dams, escarpments, excavations and works of support.

By the progressive deformation of inclinometer tube, made of high quality aluminum alloy, and through comparative readings, it is possible to obtain the size of horizontal movements affecting the area or the monitored structure.

Both single-axis or biaxial sensor, it is always installed in the center of a probe that is periodically lowered inside the inclinometer tube, fitted with special guide grooves and cemented within a hole.

When performing the periodic readings, the probe is lowered into the coated hole by a cable; at regular distances there are metallic fasteners that, inserted the cable clamp, keep the probe stable during measurement.

The inclinometer measures, aimed to the structural control, involve the tilt determination of structures, buildings, monuments, etc.

Often frequent observations are performed, by installing fixed inclinometers or clinometers connected to an automatic data acquisition system, able to generate alarm signals.

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