The pacometer is a digital tool enabling to find in a non-destructive way the presence, the direction and the diameter of the rods in the reinforced concrete and measuring also the tiles’ thickness very accurately.

This tool uses the iron’s magnetic properties for locating the rebars. It consists of a probe generating a magnetic field and of a controller measuring the power dissipated by the metallic object as result of the magnetic induction from the probe.

The iron is placed according to the movement of the probe on the examined surface until it finds the direction of the maximum electromagnetic absorption, which corresponds to the rod’s longitudinal evolution.

In the presence of magnetic elements, the controller emits an acoustic signal whose intensity increases as the metal approaches, and visualizes in real time the section of the rods detected on a digital display. The modern systems are equipped with odometer, able to measure the covered distances and to memorize the position of each rod found.


Main applications

  • Locating the rebars


Main advantages

  • Non invasive technique
  • Determining immediately the test values and the performing rapidity