Concerning the road bridges, the rules about the static load are included in the D.M. LL. PP. Of 4th may 1990. Update about the technical rules for projecting, performing and testing road bridges.

The rules under Art. 8.2. Testing forbid the use before performing the static test and it is specified that the works must be tested to the load in order to induce into the structures the maximum project stresses, both global and local. During the load test, establishing the maximum project stresses, it will be needed to take account of the dynamic coefficient’s increase which will raise further the loads.

Since generally the load test is performed using lorries laden with gravel, it will be necessary to establish the sufficient number of means so that the moment in the span’s centreline will correspond to that one provoked by the mobile loads generally increased by the dynamic coefficient.

Railway bridge

Concerning the actions due to the trains passage, the reference is the document drafted by Ferrovie dello Stato, dated 13th January 1997, entitled Overloadings for railway bridges measurements: projecting, performing and testing instructions. (Text updated of the instruction n°1/SC/PS-OM/2 298 of 2nd June 1995, according to the European Standard ENV 1991-3).

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