Sito archeologico di POMPEI (NA)

TRACTION BARS test by C.A. determining the effective area, the yield stress, breaking and elongation percentage UNI EN 10002; elastic MODULUS determination in addition to the tensile test, including the release of the load-elongation diagram UNI EN 10002; 180 degree BENDING test of steel bars UNI 6407 – D. M. (Ministerial Decree) of 09.01.96; 90 degree BENDING test and steel bars STRAIGHTENING, D.M. 09.01.96; ELECTRO-WELDED NETS or TRELIS tensile test, D.M. 09.01.96; determination of resistance to the detachment from the NODE WELDING, DM 09.01.96; Tensile test on BRAIDS or STRAND from c.a.p. UNI 7676 – DM 09.01.96; California bearing ratio determination CBR norm CNR UNI 10009/64; METAL ROPES tensile test UNI 3171; Tensile test on the STEEL WIRE or BARs from C.A.P. with the determination of tension at 0.1%, 0.2% and elongation percentage UNI EN 10002; determination of the weight per square meter of electro-welded  nets UNI 8927; Determination of the WET GRIP INDEX DM 09.01.096; cores preparation for compression test, norm UNI 6133-72 ; quantity determination of  alternate bending at break  UNI 5294; Thickness measurement the profiles; hardness test C / Brinnel method (5 marks), including test tube revenue and preparation UNI 560 ; Vickers hardness test UNI 1955; measurement of metals specific gravity.