The Windsor probe is a semi-destructive test; it is used to evaluate the concrete strength by the driving into the concrete a nail shot from a gun. Data are collected thanks to the nail infixion depth and the aggregate hardness according to the Mhos scale.

The Windsor Probe System consists of a propeller (safety gun) that, using dosed loads, drives probes in the material with an initial uniform speed. Probes are alloy steel rods. The in-situ detected data consist in analysing the emerging part of the probe infixed into the concrete.

Experimental studies conducted in Italy and abroad allow correlating the in-situ performed analysis to the compression resistance of the surveyed concrete; if the aggregate hardness is already known, according to the Mhos scale.


Main applications

  • Determination of the concrete compression resistance.

Main advantages

  • Minimally invasive technique ;
  • Immediate determination of the test values and rapid testing.